The trip so far, Hanoi

These pics will be deleted once I can home and can edit properly, as I’m not really getting the entire ipad editing thing yet. Overall, I didn’t really love Hanoi, some of the… Continue reading

How should a journey start?

I’ve noticed a pattern over the years, journeys that start off a bit rough feel more natural to me. As if the heavens themselves want to see if you’re worthy of such a… Continue reading

Retiring a journal

My travel journal has served me well over the last ten years. It has been with me through Italy, France, and Spain. It was open on the table beside me at coffee shops… Continue reading

Trip preparations

In the planning and preparations phase of another trip, which is apparently when I also feel like writing again. I’ll be traveling with a friend through Vietnam, Cambodia, and China for a few… Continue reading

Sorry for the lack of posts.

Well, the title pretty much says it.  When I started this blog I was still at a point in my life where I was traveling about for three fourths of the year for… Continue reading

One last trip in Japan

For those of you not in the know, I just moved to Seoul after living in Northern Japan for the last four years.  These are photos from my last trip which took me… Continue reading

Super Moon from Japan

So I went out tonight with the intent of getting a few shots of the Super Moon.  The moon rise here in the Northeast of Japan happened more than an hour before sunset,… Continue reading

Thoughts on thoughts

So, I’m not really sure what I should be posting up at the moment. First, I’m very new to this bloging thing, and have no idea what I’m doing. Second, I’ve been in… Continue reading