Week 14, Landscape: Zoomed In

This week’s challenge was completed at the Skagit Tulip Festival.  At first, I was just using a normal telephoto zoomed out all the way and it just wasn’t getting a feel that was… Continue reading

Week 13, Portrait: High Key

This week, as with most weeks where I’m using lighting, was the first time I’ve done this style of photography.  Much thanks to my friend Joel for coming over to model.  At the… Continue reading

Week 12, Artistic: Transportation

Well, with perfect timing, and big assist from a friend, I got my bike up and running earlier this week.  It still needs some TLC, and probably a bath, but new parts are… Continue reading

Week 11, Landscape: Reflection

Well, was hoping to get a really nice shot of reflective water this week… but weather kind of killed that.  So took a chance to try something new.  This shot is actually a… Continue reading

Week 10, Portrait: Environmental

Well, last week’s submission is a bit late due to work related travel.  I didn’t really have time to set up an actual shoot since I just got back yesterday afternoon, but thankfully the… Continue reading

Week 9, Artistic: Shadows

The challenges are getting progressively harder and harder.  Add to that the constant travel that I’m doing for work, and crunch to turn around a project every week is becoming difficult.  For this… Continue reading

Week 8, Landscape: Panorama

This week I got to experiment with a few new things.  This was actually the first time I’ve shot a panorama at all, the first time I used a pano gimbal, and the first… Continue reading

Week 7, Portrait: Faceless

This week I got to play around with my new lights, Adorama’s version of the Godox AD360.  Pretty amazing strobes, but way more powerful than I was expecting coming from hotshoe flashes.  In… Continue reading

Week 6, Artistic: Candy

In perpetration for Valentines Day, this weeks challenge is Candy!  And since I don’t have anyone to share it with… I got to eat all of the post shoot product!  Please let me… Continue reading

Week 5, Landscape: Black and White

This week’s challenge was a little different for me, I generally have a hard time visualizing my shots, even more so when the final product needs to be in Black and White.  Generally… Continue reading