Week 32, Landscape: Colorful

I would argue that this probably is not my work. I’m actually hesitant on posting it, but I’m also behind six weeks…  HDR Shot with a Panasonic GX8, 7-14/f4 @ f.56 iso100.  Hand… Continue reading

Week 38, Landscape: Get Low

I’ve been out of the game for a bit due to work, but it’s time to dive right back in!  I’ll be playing catch-up with the 6 weeks that I missed, so those… Continue reading

Week 31, Portrait: Street Candid

So, for the next few weeks it’s going to be a little rough for me to find time to keep up with this project.  I’ll still try, but I’ll likely miss a few weeks… Continue reading

Week 30, Artistic: Patterns

“Legs only a photographer could love.” Again, these artistic ones feel like they are the hardest to grasp.  I spent more than a few days searching around the house and island, but nothing… Continue reading

Week 29, Landscape: Waterscape

So, I went out Friday intent to capture some waterfalls in the Northern Cascades.  I have already done more than a few shots of the ocean at sunset, and wanted something different… apparently… Continue reading

Week 28, Portrait: Family

I was fortunate enough to have some vacation time I needed to take this week, so I actually got to take some photos of my parents.  I’m actually submitting 2, as I want… Continue reading

Week 27, Artistic: Blue

Yeah, I’ll be honest… this one didn’t really click for me.  So here is a picture of Mahonia Aquifolium (aka Oregon Grape).   Shot with a Panasonic GX8, 42.5/1.7 at f/1.7, iso100 1/1250sec. using… Continue reading

Firework Interlude

Well, it’s that time of the year again… The Fourth of July brings a chance for many photographers to try capturing shots of Fireworks.  Fireworks present an interesting challenge to many photographers.  A… Continue reading

Week 26, Landscape: Simplify

So, I got a lot of really interesting shots this week, but it was hard to decide which one felt the simplest yet also the most interesting compositionally.  In the end, I settled… Continue reading

Week 25, Portrait: Silhouette

This week was a bit more in my comfort zone.  Went down to Deception Pass and started stalking people during the sunset. Taken with a Panasonic GX8, 35-100/f2.8 @ f/5.6 iso200, 1/500sec.  Edited… Continue reading