The Trip So Far: Toledo and Madrid

Toledo was everything I loved about Ronda but with more windy narrow streets, hills, and less sweeping vistas.  The main attraction is the Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo, which was a very nice mix of classic style cathedral, a bit of gothic architecture, and a really interesting Baroque hole in the celling as well. The food highlight was by far AlQahira (Egyptian Halal, everything was amazing), but pretty much everything we had was on point (Try La Cave and Restaurante Cerveceria).

This portion of the trip ended with a half day in Madrid before we scattered to the winds.  Mom was feeling under the weather so she staid in while the rest of us headed to Case De Valencia for Seafood Paella for lunch and I got to spill some wine on my face trying to use a Porron… thankfully there are no pics of that.  Afterwards I went to the Prado to cross another major museaum of my bucket list, my favorite pieces where Goya’s collection of Black Paintings.

Photos from Toledo, followed by Madrid