The Trip So Far: Cordoba

I found Cordoba to be more enjoyable than Granada.  While the Alhambra was amazing, much of Granada left me wanting.  Cordoba filled in some of that older/classic city whole in my travel weary heart.  Particularly, I really enjoyed the interior of the Mezquita Catedral, a building origionally built by the Visigoths, taken over by the Moors who made it a Masque, and then sacked and remade into a cathedral by the christians.  The inside was very dark, which made me glad I had brought prime lenses as my zooms just weren’t cutting it.

Food was excellent, particularly Taberna Pepe (Ox Tail Stew), Bodegas Mezquita (Farmers Salad w/ Chickpeas and the Pork Cheeks), and Casa Mazal (Both the Chicken Curry w/ Couscous and the Chicken in a Spicy Harissa sauce).

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