On the Road Again, 2017 Vacation

***Fair warning, picture spam likely coming soon*** 

I’m currently sitting in the lounge at the SeaTac airport waiting on my flight… which has been delayed. Yay! But that makes me feel more confident about this trip, for  “smooth beginnings do not make for an interesting trip”. You have to earn it.  Considering I barely escaped from Qatar four days ago, a little delay is acceptable. 

I’ll be meeting up with the family for a two week romp around southern Spain, and then heading on my own for an aimless week in Scotland.  Honestly, if it wasn’t to meet up with them, I’d probably have canceled the trip. I’ve been on the road so much that a StayCation almost sounds more appealing than having to spend more time airports… almost!

Might toy with doing some video (V-logging?), but have no clue what I’m doing with all of that. Lol.