Week 40, Portrait: Sitting in a Chair

This week’s photo is of Joel, who’s been willing to sit in for 3 of my shoots so far, and turned out nicely after a few hours of messing with lights and drinks… I wanted something edgy with hard light… but in the end, I with with softer light modifiers, I think using hard light is something I’ll have to spend more time working on.  I still really like the look and mood I get from this photo.  Will go back and edit a few more from the shoot later on.  As always, comments and feedback are welcome!


Shot with a Panasonic GX8, 12-35/f2.8 @ 28mm, f/8, 1/250sec, iso100.  Main Light was an AD360 through a Roundflash Dish, fill light was a v850 w/ Rapidbox 10x22in strip, and finally a v850 in the back as a hair/separation light.  Edited in Lightroom CC and Color Efex Pro.