Week 19, Portrait: Messy

So… Ever hit yourself in the face with an Ice Cream Sandwich?  It’s actually rather sticky.  I’m on the road for the next few weeks, and while I had a friend offer to help me do a shoot the weekend, I’m going to try to stick to the Friday-to-Thursday schedule originally posted for this challenge.  So, with no other options left… It was down to a self portrait!  Yay….


Shot with a Panasonic GX8 + 12-35/f2.8 at 26mm, iso100, f18, 1/320sec. Flash was a V850 at  in a Roundflash Ring 1/4 power.

Also tried a STAGED shot (no alcohol was consumed before or during this!) but it was really hard to see any food on my face.


Pending willingness of friend for this weekend, I might try and do some more headshots and/or portraits… but working within the time limits I’ve set for myself, this is what I’ve got for this week’s challenge.