Week 14, Landscape: Zoomed In

This week’s challenge was completed at the Skagit Tulip Festival.  At first, I was just using a normal telephoto zoomed out all the way and it just wasn’t getting a feel that was interesting.  Next I started playing with my closest focusing lens (not a real macro), but it gave the feeling more of a macro than a zoomed in landscape.  So I started playing with the perspective, pushing the camera into the flowerbeds and hunting out interesting light in the shade of the other flowers… eventually I got the following shot.


Panasonic GX8 w/ 42.5/f1.7 lens at f1.8, 1/2000sec, ISO200.  With and B+W Polarizer.

Here are 3 other shots I really liked, but just didn’t feel clicked with the challenge as much.