Week 4, Portrait: Headshot

This week’s Dogwood 52 Challenge was for a Headshot Portrait.  This isn’t something I’ve very well versed in but had a friend volunteer to be a model.  Turned out to be pretty fun, much thanks to Michael Deno for being such a good model for this inexperienced photographer.

Was interesting getting ready for it though… Had my camera break the day before, the guys at Kenmore Camera were very helpful in trying to fix it, and then still took it as a trade-in when they could not.  Spent all morning before the shoot learning the new camera, a Panasonic GX8, probably should have spent more time testing/playing with the lights and modifiers that have been sitting in my closet for too long.  Did a lot of reading over at the Strobist site as well as some youtube videos on Peter Hurley for inspiration.  In the end, this was something I enjoyed.  I think I might spend more time playing around with lights… if I can just get some more volunteers…

Gear used:  Panasonic GX8 with 35-100/f2.8. Cactus V5 triggers, LP160 lights, Stands, Shoot-through umbrellas, Westcott Rapid Box Octo & Strip, Lumiquest Softbox III, HonlPhoto Grid, Impact Collapsible Background, and some homemade cardboard snoots.