Shooting the Lunar Eclipse

So, I went out to Deception Pass tonight in hopes of getting some interesting shots of the Lunar Eclipse. I found a nice spot overlooking the water, where the moon was suppose to rise,


Got my camera all set up…


Realized I was missing a pretty nice Sunset behind me…

15SepDMC-GM1_1060735 15SepDMC-GM1_1060736 15SepDMC-GX7_1130315

Then finally, the moon showed up!  Sadly, it was too faint to see near the horizon that I had set up for… so just took some solo shots of it.  I learned that the moon is pretty dim during an eclipse.

15SepDMC-GX7_1130335 15SepDMC-GX7_1130343 15SepDMC-GX7_1130359 15SepDMC-GX7_1130363

And that as the shadow starts to leave, the contrast makes it almost impossible to shoot with my current gear, barring a large amount of stacking and blending in photoshop.


Was an interesting experience and fun to shoot.