How should a journey start?

I’ve noticed a pattern over the years, journeys that start off a bit rough feel more natural to me. As if the heavens themselves want to see if you’re worthy of such a grand thing as a vacation. This trip was not as severe as others; no hospitalization, no 9.1 earth quakes followed by a tsunami, and no canceled flights. Just a few small annoyances. The airport bus times were changed from what the website had posted, and I got scammed a few bucks by a taxi driver, but nothing major.

However the trip has started in true now. I eventually made it to my hotel near the airport that I’ll be flying out of in the morning, and they even offered to take me there for free. I had an amazing dinner of Haemul Kal Gooksu (shellfish with cut noodles in soup) that was truly wonderful on this brisk night. Thought I’d start off on the right foot by writing, and so starts this trip.