Retiring a journal


My travel journal has served me well over the last ten years. It has been with me through Italy, France, and Spain. It was open on the table beside me at coffee shops and bars in Greece, Corsica, Ireland, Netherlands, and Belgium. It’s experienced temples, shrines, and izakayas throughout Japan. Wandered the back alleys of Seoul. And has rested on some of the finest tables in London, Barcelona, Prague, and Rothenburg.

It was given to me as a child by a friend of the family, though it’s first entry was on March 1st, 2004; the day before I left on my first overseas trip. The first three fourths of its pages are filled with some of the best and most memorable moments of my adult life. In the back are notes on about specific things on the trip I wanted to do, address and phone numbers of people I met along the way, as well as various fictional writings.

There are only 10 blank pages left… It will likely not be enough to cover the 24 day trip that I’m about to depart on. It is time to place it on the shelf. For this trip I’ll be taking a new moleskine journal, but I’ll also be trying to post things of interest here via iPad mini throughout the trip.