Trip preparations

In the planning and preparations phase of another trip, which is apparently when I also feel like writing again. I’ll be traveling with a friend through Vietnam, Cambodia, and China for a few weeks. Still waiting on some arrangements and a visa or two, but transportation and lodging are booked. I need to research some more restaurants, places I want to explore, and what camera gear I feel like carrying around.

The main purpose of the trip will not be photography, simply travel for the sake of travel. At the same time, I can’t help but want to come away from this trip with at least a few keepers, in addition to a bit of writing. I’ll be taking two new cameras, a GX7 and a GM1 as it’s backup. I’ve also picked up an Ipad mini to use instead of a kindle + laptop combo. So, it theory I’ll be able to post some updates during the trip, and a few lightly Ipad edited photos. We shall see, as I normally hand write my travel journal, and rarely share it.